This year we have a greatful moment during selection Youth Exchange Program (PPAN) that was happened almost in same time at 33 provinces among Indonesia. There are six PPAN consist of China-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (ChiIYEP), Indonesia-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program (IMYEP), Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program (ICYEP), Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP), Indonesia-Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP) and the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). Beside those programs, there are also two new programs namely ASEAN-India Youth Exchange Program and ASEAN-Korea Youth Exchange Program. However, both programs have not belong to PPAN yet because the recruitments are in different phases.

Bangka Belitung Archipelago Province are lucky to have ChiIYEP, IMYEP, IKYEP and SSEAYP this year. The selection was divided into three phases:

CHIYEP (Soft Personality)

The first phase in ChiIYEP selection that took part during April 14-16. We accepted around 30 applications before the deadline. For the first round we have document screening and first interview to choose top 10 candidate including 5 male and 5 female. There was a very competitive in top 10 especially for male candidates. We consider that ChiYEP have a very short time preparation. Another consideration is we will not have many chance to train the candidate during a month preparation and Pre Departure Training. Thus, we should have priority for candidate who have good knowledge about China, track record in art and culture and experience culture shocked in multicultural environment. Finally, we choose Mohammad Fadhillah and Mira Karina for ChiIYEP that will be held during May-June. Another aspect that could support our decision is both candidates has the most applicable Post Program Activity where Mira will implement a religious program in Pangkalpinang and Fadhil will donate some of his scholarship fund to run small project in Kelapa Kampit. Perhaps, they both are still ordinary in some factors. However, their soft personality is something that makes them deserve for it.

SSEAYP (Leadership and Social Contribution) 

The second phase, April 20-22 was SSEAYP selection that was held together with KPN selection. There was 4 participants of SSEAYP. All of them have their own unique. SSEAYP that will be held on October-December this year is a program that concern to Leadership, Mutual Understanding and Social Contribution. The special requirements are experiencing as a leader in organization, active in social activity, post program activity oriented and having high potency in art and culture. Considering those criterias, also supported by Physicology -Test, we finally choose Rosalin Y. Maruf as main candidate. Runner up is Rahma Arinda who also has big potency in her 20 years old. 

IMYEP (He is not only lucky but also has the attitude) 

The last phase, April 25-27, we have IMYEP and IKYEP. For IMYEP we are lucky to have the only one suitable candidate namely Edwin Dwijaya who match with the program craracter. He has the attitude and personality as well as english proficiency. In art and culture he may not be expert, but we appreciate his effort to prepare it. 

IKYEP (Outstanding Candidates) 

In IKYEP, we choose top 5 that will be reported to KEMENPORA. There are Bella Barokah, Rizky Astriningtias, Primalita Putri, Monalisa, and Diah S. We faced more challenges after choosing top 2. Rizky/Tias is one of most outstanding participants we have this year. Overall she has great potency. We saw another outstanding younger candidate namely Bella. In our opinion, Tyas is more mature with a higher track record and experience in multicultural environment. Like a glass, Tyas is almost full and Bella has more empty space. Finally this factor become our consideration. How big program will effect the improvement of person after the program? IKYEP is a short program with about 20 days duration (10 days in Korea and 10 days in Indonesia). If we give it to someone who already mature, we afraid that person could not feel “life changing experience” effect. Otherwise, we see another person who has great potency but still need more chance to improve, we believe the program will be more suitable to the person. In this case, we still love Tyas, but we could not send her to IKYEP. Her character perhaps could match with long duration program such as AIYEP and ICYEP which has varios activity inluding community service and work placement. We finally choose Bella. In her 19 years old, we believe she could contribute to program with her potency. The program itself could be her chance to improve and explore her self. 


It is not how we put the score then we send you to travel abroad. It is how we choose right person that will represent young generation of Bangka Belitung to be part of the Government Program. It spends a lot of fund that could be more than 100 million Rupiah for a person in a program. When we send the candidate, we should ensure that they have qualification that could contribute to the program. Also, we should analyse how big program will effect to support their passion and future goals so we could see “Life Changing Experience” effect from the program. One of the most important factors, we should consider how big the possibility of candidate to contribute to PCMI, and DISPORA in a short and Bangka Belitung in a long time period after they finish program. The last but not the least, lucky factor always takes role in every part of our life. It is how God makes the decision for all of us. We are just the creature to deliver that decision.



On be half of DISPORA Bangka Belitung and PCMI Bangka Belitung, we are delight to announce the result for selection of Kapal Pemuda Nusantara and Youth Exchange Program 2013. We are happy that this year, so many good applicants took part in the selection. We consider some aspects such as personality, knowledge, art and culture skill, English proficiency, post program activity, etc to get the most suitable candidate.

Finally we have the main candidate and runner up. Main candidate is the selected person who will go to program. If the main candidate can not attend the program because of a reason, the runner up may replace the position.

Kapal Pemuda Nusantara
1. Dedi (Main)
2. M. Potar Alam (Main)
3. Dion Renaldhi (Runner Up)
4. Mulyadi (Runner Up)

1. Annisa (Main)
2. Meyliana (Main)
3. Winarty (Runner Up)
4. Kartika Sari (Runner Up)

the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program
1. Rosalina Ma’ruf (Main)
2. Rahma Arinda (Runner up)

Indonesia Malaysia Youth Exchange Program
1. Edwin Dwijaya (Main)

Indonesia Korea Youth Exchange Program
1. Bela Baroqah (Main)
2. Rizky Astriningtias (Runner Up)

Congrats for all of you. For all ex-participants, we would like to thanks for every single things you made to make a the selection success. We hope this selection program could give you positive values and friendship. If this year you haven’t succeed, there will be any chance next year. We always love to encourage you to be part of PCMI. Keep in touch.



IChYEP 2013

After running the online open application, interview phase (1 and 2), finally we’ve gotten the delegates of PPIC/ChIYEP.

It was tough competition so we gave all effort to succeed this selection and the participants did too!

But, we had to choose the delegates based on all aspects we have to consider: academic potency, personality, leadership and teamwork skills, strong commitment and all thing that a delegate should have and finally, here we announce that:
Mohammad Fadhillah and Mira Karina are the selected ones as delegates of Bangka Belitung for China-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (ChIYEP/PPIC) 2013.

Congrats for you two!! Get ready because you will have many things to prepare.
Furthermore, we’d like to say thank you very much to all participants. We thank you very much for every single effort you did during the selection. This program is a new quota for Bangka Belitung and the mechanism is also the new one and we always try to do better things. We totally appreciate your participation and we wish you luck in next year selection. 

We do hope you won’t give up on trying and preparing your self better next year. Thank you and good luck!

PPIC/IChYEP Top Ten Finalists 2013 !!

Dear all, 
This year we received many high qualified applicants so that we consider many factors in selection process including individual qualification and program concern.
After running the interview phase for PPIC/ChIYEP candidates, finally we have gotten the result for The Top Ten Finalists and here are the PPIC/ChIYEP Top Ten Finalists:

1. Rosalin Yuniarti Maruf (Bangka)
2. Mira Karina (Bangka)
3. Meilinda Wulandari (Pangkalpinang)
4. Mergi Gayatri (Belitung)
5.  Disa Natasia Wahyuni Putri (Bangka)

1. Andy Fitrianto (Belitung)
2. Mohammad Fadhillah (Belitung Timur)
3. Sapitra Gani (Bangka Tengah)
4. Taufan Septiawan (Bangka Barat)
5. Ivan Permana Putra (Belitung Timur)
For the finalists, Please download the instruction for the 2nd Interview Phase here
 We wish you luck!!! 
PCMI Bangka Belitung


PCMI KEPULAUAN BANGKA BELITUNG bekerja sama dengan Dispora Kabupaten Belitung dan Belitung Timur akan menyelenggarakan Seleksi Tingkat Kabupaten untuk :
·        Kapal Pemuda Asean (KPA) 2013
·        Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia – Malaysia (PPIM) 2013
·        Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia – Korea (PPIKS) 2013
·        Kapal Pemuda Nusantara (KPN) 2013 
Persyaratan Calon Peserta
  1. Warga Negara RI berusia 18-25 tahun dan berdomisili di Bangka Belitung dibuktikan dengan KTP.
  2. Sehat jasmani dan rohani yang dibuktikan dengan surat keterangan dokter.
  3. Pendidikan minimal SLTA/ sederajat dan mahasiswa
  4. Belum menikah dan tidak merokok.
  5. Bisa berenang.
  6. Memiliki ketertarikan terhadap potensi bahari dan kebudayaan daerah.
  7. Menguasai minimal satu kesenian daerah.
  8. Membuat proposal tentang potensi bahari daerahnya.
Persyaratan Administrasi
  1. Daftar riwayat hidup.
  2. Fotokopi KTP yang masih berlaku.
  3. Izin tertulis dari orang tua/ instansi tempat bekerja.
  4. Pas foto berwarna 3×4 sebanyak dua lembar.

Persyaratan Calon Peserta
  1. WNI berdomisili di Bangka Belitung, belum menikah, dibuktikan dengan KTP yang masih berlaku  
  2. Jenis kelamin dan Usia : KPA : Wanita, 20-30 tahun,  PPAN (PPIM & PPIKS) : Pria dan Wanita, 18 – 27 tahun
  3. Sehat jasmani dan rohani
  4. Pendidikan minimal SLTA/ sederajat dan mahasiswa
  5. Mempunyai minat dan pengalaman dalam bidang Pemberdayaan Pemuda, volunteering, dan kesenian daerah
  6. Mampu berkomunikasi dengan Bahasa Inggris , dibuktikan dengan skor kompetensi TOEFL 450 / TOEIC 530 / IELTS 5,5 (sertifikat dilampirkan jika ada)
  7. Belum pernah mengikuti kegiatan kepemudaan lainnya dibawah Kementrian Pemuda dan Olahraga Republik Indonesia
Persyaratan Administrasi :
  1. Melengkapi formulir pendaftaran yang dapat diambil di Dispora atau diunduh disini
  2. Fotokopi KTP
  3. Fotokopi ijazah terakhir
  4. Pas photo berwarna terbaru ukuran 3×4 (ditempel pada formulir pendaftaran)
  5. Sertifikat TOEFL / IELTS/TOEIC (jika ada)
  6. Biodata diri (CV)
  7. Essay (keterangan ada di form pendaftaran)
  8. Dokumen pendukung lainnya 
Pendaftaran via online ke dengan subject “PPAN BELITUNG”

Berkas pendaftaran juga bisa diserahkan ke
Dispora Kabupaten Belitung, Jl. Anwar Tanjungpandan
Bidang Kepemudaan Disbudparpora Kab. Belitung Timur
Deadline pendaftaran diperpanjang 15 April 2013
Peserta yang memenuhi kualifikasi akan dipanggil untuk mengikuti Seleksi Tahap 2 Tingkat Kabupaten (tertulis, interview & seni budaya).  Pada Hari Selasa, 16 April 2013 di Tanjungpandan
Untuk program KPA dan KPN, Calon peserta yang dinyatakan lulus tes administrasi di kabupaten/ kota daerahnya sebanyak 3 (tiga) putra dan 3 (tiga) putri berhak mengikuti tes tertulis, Bahasa Inggris, Psikotest, tesfisik (lari dan berenang), tes kesenian daerah dan interview di tingkat Provinsi
Pada tanggal 20-22 April 2013 di Wisma Aksi Kota Pangkalpinang.
(Biaya dan akomodasi peserta ditanggung panitia) 
Untuk Program PPIM dan PPIKS, Calon peserta yang dinyatakan lulus tes administrasi di kabupaten/ kota daerahnya sebanyak 5 (lima) orang berhak mengikuti tes tertulis, Bahasa Inggris, Psikotest, tes kesenian daerah dan interview di tingkat Provinsi pada tanggal 25-28 April 2013 di Pangkalpinang (transportasi dan akomodasi peserta ditanggung panitia).
          Rizka 087896464548
          Vegy 087721217995
          Edwin 08197854611
          Wayan 08194893011
Informasi lebih lanjut :
Email        :
FB             : Pcmi Bangka – Belitung
Group FB : Pcmi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Twitter      : @pcmibabel
Blog           :

Result of PPIC/ChIYEP Administration Selection Phase

Dear all,
Hereby we inform you the names of  candidates for PPIC 2013 that successfully go to next selection phase; interview phase. (The order of names is random)

Ivan Permana Putra (M)
Siska Marselawati (F)
Hendro (M)
Iwan Irawan (M)
Riani Charlina (F)
Yuda Saputra (M)
Egy Firdaus (M)
Meilinda Wulandari (F)
Disa Natasia Wahyuni Putri (F)
Sapitra Gani (M)
Ichsan Taruma Negara (M)
Mira Karina (F)
Tohari Masidi Amin (M)
Megi Gayatri (F)
Sukma Pertiwi (F)
Posman Samuel Bahari (M)
Mohammad Fadhillah (M)
Wira Tri Barkah (M)
Rosalin Yuniarti Maruf (F)
Andy Fitrianto (M)
Hendra Rossairi (M)
Widyasari  (F)
Taufan Septiawan (M)
Ardiyanto (M)
Marsandi Manar (M)
Ferawati (F)
Nurmalia Adroli (F)
Anggun Dayona (F)

Next, those people will go to Interview phase and this phase will be conducted for 3 days.
The interview phase will be divided into these categories:
1. General knowledge (regional, national and international issues)
2. Art and Culture
3. English Proficiency
4. Personality and Commitment

Finally, we will inform you the details regarding this phase soon.

PCMI Bangka Belitung 


PCMI KEPULAUAN BANGKA BELITUNG cooperates with Dispora Kabupaten/Kota in Bangka will conduct the Regional Selection Phase for: 
·        Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia – Malaysia (PPIM/IMYEP) 2013
·        Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia – Korea (PPIKor/IKYEP) 2013

General Eligibility:

  • Indonesian citizen and listed as resident of Bangka Belitung Province 
  • aged between 23-27 years old for IMYEP/PPIM and 18-24 years old for IKYEP/PPIKor
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Minimum education required: SMA/SLTA or equivalent
  • Unmarried 
  • Having strong interest and experience of Youth empowerment, volunteering, art and culture 
  • Having a broad view of local/regional, national and international issues 
  • Active in English both verbal and written (Minimum TOEFL score: 450 or equivalent)
  • Never participated in any international youth exchange under the sponsorship of Ministry of National Education and/or Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Indonesia.

Administrative Requirement:

  1. Completed form (Please download here or here)
  2. a copy of ID card (KTP)
  3. a copy of the most recent academic diploma (SLTA/College/University)
  4. a ycop of recent colored photograph (you may attach it in the provided box of the application form) 
  5. Essay 
  6. Personal CV
  7. a copy of English proficiency test result (TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC) -(if available)
  8. Copies of other supporting documents/credentials 

THE DEADLINE is varied based of DISPORA Kabupaten/Kota  in your region. Please contact them for detail info.
The form and all supporting documents have to be submitted to DISPORA Kabupaten/Kota where you are registered as resident.
The selection process will be divided into :

  1. Administrative Selection in DISPORA Kabupaten/Kota (They will recommend 5 candidates to follow next selection in DISPORA Propinsi)
  2. Selection phase in DISPORA Propinsi 
  • In this phase, the selection will be divided into: 
  1.  Administrative selection
  2. Written test (General knowledge about regional, national and international comprehension) 
  3. Interview both in English and Bahasa 
  4. Forum Group discussion 
  5. Art and Cultural Performance 

For further information please contact Dispora Kabupaten/Kota and please download the address list here

You may contact us also in:
Email        :
FB             : Pcmi Bangka – Belitung

Group FB : Pcmi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Twitter      : @pcmibabel
Blog           :

Seleksi Kapal Pemuda Nusantara (KPN) 2013

Dengan ini kami memberitahukan bahwa Seleksi Kapal Pemuda Nusantara 2013 akan berlangsung bersamaan dengan Seleksi SSEAYP Propinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung di Pangkalpinang 20-22 April 2013. Berikut beberapa informasi seputar seleksi.

Persyaratan Calon Peserta KPN

1.Warga Negara RI berusia 18-25 tahun dan berdomisili di Bangka Belitung dibuktikan dengan KTP.
2.Sehat jasmani dan rohani yang dibuktikan dengan surat keterangan dokter.
3.Pendidikan minimal SLTA/ sederajat dan mahasiswa
4.Belum menikah dan tidak merokok.
5.Bisa berenang.
6.Memiliki ketertarikan terhadap potensi bahari dan kebudayaan daerah.
7.Menguasai minimal satu kesenian daerah.
8.Membuat proposal tentang potensi bahari daerahnya.

Persyaratan Administrasi

1.Daftar riwayat hidup.
2.Fotokopi KTP yang masih berlaku.
3.Izin tertulis dari orang tua/ instansi tempat bekerja.
4.Pas foto berwarna 3×4 sebanyak dua lembar.
5.Calon peserta yang dinyatakan lulus tes administrasi di kabupaten/ kotadaerahnya sebanyak tiga putra dan tiga putri berhak mengikuti tes tertulis, Bahasa Inggris, Psikotest, tesfisik (lari dan berenang), tes kesenian daerah dan interview di tingkat Provinsi tanggal 20-22 April 2013 di Wisma Aksi Kota Pangkalpinang.
Deadline pendaftaran 11 April 2013 

Tempat Pendaftaran

Disbudparpora/ Dispora/ Dinas yang menangani masalah Pemuda daerah masing-masing.

Contact Person:

-Pulau Bangka (Roza 085273167349, Zela 081377720094, Rena 081930862949, Wisnu 085788688612, Masitoh 085669218475)
-Pulau Belitung (Wayan 08194893011, Riska 087896464548 )
Hormat kami